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Pentagon ready with 120 member team to review the upcoming Wiki leaks new cache release.

It is said that US's Pentagon is ready with 120-member to review a massive leak of as many as 500,000 Iraq war documents, which are expected to be released by the WikiLeaks website this month.

Pentagon spokesman colonel Dave Lapan said the timing of the leak remained unclear but the defense department was ready for a document dump as early as Monday or Tuesday, a possibility raised in previous WikiLeaks statements.

However, an Icelandic spokesman for WikiLeaks said the website would not publish the reports on the Iraq war on Monday, but would make new documents public "very soon."

"There are rumours that have been floating around for some time, there is nothing you can do about it, they're obviously not correct. I can confirm that there's nothing coming out today," Kristinn Hrafnsson said.

"I can say with certainty that WikiLeaks will publish something very soon," the close collaborator of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange added.

Meanwhile, people familiar with the upcoming leak said they do not expect WikiLeaks to release the classified files for at least another week.

If confirmed, the leak would be much larger than the record-breaking release of more than 70,000 Afghan war documents in July, which stoked debate about the 9-yearold conflict but did not contain major revelations. It was the largest security breach of its kind in US history.

- AP

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