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After One Child, now its One-Dog policy, china may be adapting.

With increase in population density and limited living place,Shanghai city’s governing council prepares a draft regulation which states each household can only have one dog.

If dogs have puppies, dog owners should give them away to other eligible adopters or send them to government-approved adoption agencies by the time they are three months old.

According to the draft, the threshold will be cut to about 300 Yuan (45 dollars), taking into account the cost of certification, planting an ID-chip in the dog for identification purposes and providing a rabies vaccine every year.

Currently, dog owners pay anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 Yuan annually for their dogs' licenses and vaccination, depending on where the dogs are raised.

The closer dog owners live to the city's center, the more they will have to pay to keep a pet.

- ANI Inputs

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