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Facebook surpass eBay, estimated 3rd largest online business site worth $ 41 Billion.

Even without going public, still being private owned site, facebook now ranks as the third largest web company, with an estimated valuation of USD 41 billion which is greater than EBay. This comes after facebook announcing new messaging service, some say as "Gmail killer"

According to Bloomberg, the social network's latest valuation, based on the selling price of shares on SecondMarket, an exchange for privately held companies, makes it the country's third-largest online business after Google (USD 192.9 billion) and Amazon (USD74.4 billion).

Based on recent private-market transactions, Facebook has a total estimated value of USD 41 billion, exceeding eBay's USD 39.4 billion in market capitalisation.

Today's value of Facebook comes from an "off-the-record" conversation that Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Brian Womack had with someone who had access to recent transaction data on

Now if Facebook were trading on an exchange that the public could access, the size of the company's total market capitalization might increase over the course of the trading day depending on the exact details that Mark Zuckerberg announces at today's 10 am PST press conference.

Facebook's value has been growing for almost three years now, but it seems to be accelerating recently.

Some analyst predict Facebook may be at least a couple of years from now to go public.

The reason why Facebook is not jumping ahead and filing for an IPO is that, while the company is growing fast, its revenue is still not spectacular.

Facebook could bring in close to USD 1.5 billion or as much as USD 2 billion in revenue this year, depending on who's doing the estimates.

At Adparlor Inc., which helps companies advertise on Facebook, some customers are spending USD 20,000 a day on the social-networking site.

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