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Google's street view helps to nab car thief suspect

Apart from nabbing others privacy and wi-fi passwords, Google's street view helped a caravan owner whose vehicle was stolen found the person who stole when he was checking his house in Google street maps .

The image shows a large, bald man with spectacles standing besides a 4-by-4 vehicle parked on the victim's driveway, shortly before the theft took place.

After getting some evidence, Derbyshire Police have issued the snapshot in an attempt to trace the man.

The owner, who has not been named, believes the Google image may have been taken shortly before the theft. The 4-by-4 vehicle was backed into the private drive, and was parked yards from the caravan, with a side and rear door open.

The registration plate of the suspect's car was blurred when the homeowner spotted the image in March this year.

Police were unable to find clues after the theft of the vehicle, costing around 7,000 pounds. Despite a forensic examination of the wheel-clamps that had been securing the caravan, the culprit was never traced.

- IANS Inputs

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