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AVG anti virus sends update which crashed Microsoft Window's PC.

AVG, popular anti virus software provider has acknowledged that the computers running the 64-bit version of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system could be freezed if users install the latest anti-virus software update from AVG, which was made available to users Dec 1.

A patch by AVG can send some 64-bit Windows 7 machines into a crash cycle, forcing a reboot of the computer from which it never restarts, caused by one particular virus database update, which automatically forces the computer to reboot in order to let the update take affect. Upon restarting, the computer will register an error and will not complete the boot cycle.

But AVG has released a guide for those customers who have already installed the update and are experiencing problems. The step-by-step instructions tell how the update can be disabled, by running an AVG "rescue CD".

AVG apologised to users for the software glitch.

- IANS Inputs

Src: [Microsoft plaza]

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