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AMD India developes powerful fusion chip Ontario.[Update]

AMD India Managing Director and Corporate Vice-President Dasaradha R Gude 'GD' displaying the AMD Ontario Photo: G. Krishnaswamy

Indian division of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) designed and developed a new fusion chip named 'Ontario', which is combo of both central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) and it is said to be 3x more powerful and economical compared to its competitors.

Developed at AMD Hyderabad, India, Ontario took shape after two year of hard work and research by a team of 90 members.

While shipping began recently, the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will roll out their products powered by Ontario beginning January 2011.

Estimated total available market for products of this like is 100 million units a year to power multiple consumer gadgets. The annualised market size is pegged at $30-40 billion.

So now lets hope that we can afford a laptop or a tabletpc with high performance.

- IANS Inputs

UPDATE: AMD Ontario performance numbers

Ontario based accelerated processing unit (APU) to be capable of 1.352 GFLOPS of floating-point performance. Which is twice the performance of an Intel Atom D510 CPU, but falls 15 per cent short of a low power Athlon II X2 250u.

CPUOSTakt [GHz]Integer-PerformanceFloating-point PerformanceSpeed-up (vs. Ontario)
OntarioServer 2008 R21,40 - 1,60 ?3,047 GIPS1,351 GFLOPS-
Atom D510Windows 7 x861,661,892 GIPS0,735 GFLOPS0,58x
Athlon II X2 250uWindows 7 x861,603,465 GIPS1,591 GFLOPS1,15x
Phenom II X4 965 BEWindows 7 x643,408,452 GIPS2,792 GFLOPS2,42x

Performance number Src: [Hardware-Info[German]]

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