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Beware of 3D TVs, it can disorient you brain: Scientists

Scientists warns that the 3D content, particularly 3D TVs can disorient the brain, causing eye strain, headaches, nausea and sickness.

The person who is mostly like to be affected by this is the one closer to the screen.

Studies show that in up to 20 percent of the viewers it could even induce physical sickness, the Daily Mail reported, quoting the New Scientist.

In one experiment, researchers at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands asked 39 people who could see 3D to read some text on a screen 10 feet away.Seven of the group suffered symptoms that can lead to nausea, including double vision and eye strain.

The Royal College of Opthalmologists said that more research was needed on the long-term effects of 3D TV, but conceded that short-term effects were visible.

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