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Organometallic fuel cell, a win-win for environment, produces both current and useful chemicals.

Scientist from Swiss and Italy had come up with a new eco friendly cell which is said to be capable of manufacturing waste free chemicals from renewable raw materials and carbon di-oxide free electricity.

It is in the form of rectangle shape, made of transparent plastic, size more than a general fist. The inventor says This fuel cell won’t solve the world’s energy problems, but he think that it can be used to make fine chemicals from renewable raw materials with no waste products.

This all could happened because of the metal rhodium, embedded in the anode material absorbs liberated charges and transfers them to the cathode, which releases them again, generating an electric current.


The chemical reactions proceed more slowly than in solution and at present functions only with aqueous solutions.

Via: [Physorg]
Src: [ETH Zurich]

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