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What make you to spend more time on Gaming?

Researcher are finding a way a create a good improved life by studying some aspects of gaming.

Jane McGonigal, a game designer and researcher at the Institute for the Future is in a team of researchers who are studying and understanding more about gaming mentality. According to NYTimes articles, an average 21-year-old American has spent 10,000 hours playing computer games.

Researchers are on a way to find out what makes games addicting and interesting so that if, implemented in day to day life can motivate people and improve productivity.

Since game and real life are similar if we compare it with Grand Theft Auto series where people must complete their objective by overcoming obstacles and achieve specific tasks.

Researchers found that, when people play their favorite games, they seem to reach a mental state of high concentration and focus, similar to that achieved by great musicians and athletes. But gamers get into that stage very quickly where as it take several years of practice and training for the professionals in music and sports to reach that level.

Some researchers pointed out a few ingredients that good games have in common: instant feedback, small rewards for small progress, occasional unexpected rewards, continual encouragement from the computer and other players, and a final sense of triumph. Together, these components motivate gamers to keep trying even after multiple failures, even if it means spending hours at the same game.

Src: [NYTimes]

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