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Surprise surprise, Microsoft may be the no. 2 phone maker, according to projections from IDC

Yeah!!! your heard it right. Microsoft may soon become no. 2 phone maker, if you go by analysis from the research firm IDC. Then you might be wondering what will happen to Android or iOS or Blackberry. I say god knows it :p.

This startling projection by IDC to make the Microsoft no. 2 in phone maker may be possible.................. by the NOKIA which recently announced it tie-up with Microsoft to make Windows 7 Mobile. The evidence isn't visible today, nor will it appear anytime soon. Even at year's end, Android will have a 39.5 per cent share of smartphones worldwide, according to projections from IDC, the research firm. Symbian - used by Nokia, though it is not a major presence in the United States -- would be second, at 20.9 per cent, while Apple's iOS, the software that powers the iPhone, would be third, at 15.7. Windows Phone 7 and its predecessor, Windows Mobile, would be far behind, at 5.5 per cent.

According to IDC predictions for 2015, Windows Phone 7 will occupy second place, at 20.9 per cent of the market, ahead of iOS, which is projected to stay near 15 per cent. BlackBerry, then as now, would be No. 4.

(In the United States alone, IDC expects Windows Phone 7 to jump to third place by 2015, at 15.6 per cent, behind Android, at 48.9 per cent, and iOS, at 16.8.)

Despite its recent worries, Nokia remains the largest phone manufacturer in the world, and it has no equal in building handsets inexpensively. Last year, it sold more than 452 million phones, including 100 million smartphones.

Microsoft had 5,000 apps in its store, three times as fast as Google's Android, in the given same time, says Al Hilwa, an IDC analyst.

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