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US Military secretly working on a software to rig social networking site in their interest.

In order to show their and power and influence thing in order to make every thing under their control, US military has awarded a contract to California based tech firm along with with US Central Command (Centcom) to develop an "online persona management service", a software that will allow it to manipulate social websites like Facebook and Twitter to spread pro-US propaganda.

The Guardian reported that the 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to influence internet conversations and then spread pro-US propaganda.

This software is designed to control 10 separate identities based across the globe by one US serviceman or woman. In order to look genuine, each fake online persona is designed to have a convincing background, history and other necessary details. Also, the contract stipulates that up to 50 US-based controllers should be in a position to operate false identities "without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries".

The Guardian said that after the software was ready, it could allow US service personnel, working around the clock in one location, to respond to emerging online conversations with any number of co-ordinated Facebook messages, blogposts, tweets, re-tweets, chatroom posts and other interventions.

Each controller will have the provision of one "virtual private server" located in the US and others appearing to be outside the US to give the impression the fake personas are real people located in different parts of the world.

Via: [CNN_IBN]

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