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Wanna quit smoking??? Try Texting !!!!!!

Trying hard to quit smoking, but not able to???? Then try this........... Recharge you mobile with SMS(message) plan and start texting. This may help you to cease your smoke urge, according to studied carried out by researchers at the University of Oregon and other institutions.

Both projects used the same group of test subjects  27 heavy smokers recruited from the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking program in Los Angeles.

According to the paper published online this month in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association of Psychological Science -- indicates that individuals' abilities to inhibit their responses to cravings can be predicted through (functional magnetic resonance imaging)fMRI testing. That means it may be possible to tailor smoking cessation programs to individuals' response-inhibition capacities.

The second study conducted by different institution posted online in advance of publication in the journal Health Psychology -- tested short message service (SMS) text messaging "as a user-friendly and low-cost option for ecologically measuring real-time health behaviors."

The study also confirmed earlier findings that monitoring smoking cessation participants at regular intervals -- whether by text messaging or through the use of other hand-held devices -- helps to eliminate "memory biases" that are common when cravings and outcomes are reported only on a daily basis. Its findings corroborate those of other studies that have indicated the importance of rapid, real-time measurement of smoking urges and resistance to them.

Via: [physorg]

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