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New Record set for data transmission using single laser @ 26 terabits per second.

Can you imagine the whole data available in the entire Library of Congress collections can be transferred any where in just 10 sec with the new data transmission tech, developed by researchers form Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

This new technique is described in the journal Nature Photonics, uses "fast Fourier transform".

The new developed technology uses "fast Fourier transform" to unpick more than 300 separate colours of light in a laser beam, each encoded with its own string of information.

But the researcher claims the operating cost is bit high as they used something like 500 lasers, which is an highly expensive, which obviously consumes tens of kilowatts of power.

But the same team is working on alternate method to create comparable data rates using just one laser with exceedingly short pulses. Within these pulses are a number of discrete colours of light in what is known as a "frequency comb".

When these pulses are sent into an optical fibre, the different colours can add or subtract, mixing together and creating about 350 different colours in total, each of which can be encoded with its own data stream.

Via: [BBC]
Src: [Nature Photonics]

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