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A luckiest punter wins 350,000 pounds jackpot just by betting one pound.

Can you imagine of one pound bringing you 350,000 pounds??? Isn't it tempting? But, it happened to a man in Britain who placed a one-pound bet and won a whopping 353,000 pounds.

Bookies William Hill said the man bagged 353,000 pounds after winning a seven-horse accumulator bet.

The winner said, "I'm shocked. I regularly place these little bets and everyone tells me I'm mad. I've hit the bar a few times but this is incredible," the Daily Telegraph quoted the winner as saying.

"My brain was a wreck and I couldn't understand the balance on my account. I first thought it would pay about 21,000 pounds and had to get my son to come and translate that the numbers meant I'd actually won 353,000 pounds."

He now plans to buy his own home and visit his sisters settled abroad.

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