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Soon, you can owe a part of facebook with grabbing a shares in 2012.

Facebook, of the fast growing company in world with its Social networking site facebook, is likely to public by filing an IPO in first quarter of 2012, with a valuation of over $100 billion, a media report states.

"The IPO would probably be triggered by a section of the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act known as 'the 500 rule'," which mandates that once a private company has more than 500 investors, it must begin releasing quarterly financial information to the Securities and Exchange Commission, just as public companies do, the report said.

Facebook has indicated that it expects to cross the 500-investor threshold this year. "It would probably want to launch a formal IPO in advance of a public-company reporting obligation that would kick in next April," the report said.

While Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has said he is in a no hurry to take the social network public, the company's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg had last month said a Facebook IPO was "inevitable," describing it as "the next thing that happens".

Another factor in favour of the IPO is that it would enable an increase in employee compensation. Facebook had put curbs on employees' ability to sell their company shares privately to other investors, the report added.

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