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Brit Queen caught driving without seat belt.

An elderly lady was caught driving a car without a seat belt. But she wasn't fined because she can't be. She's the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth drove her Jaguar away from a polo match in Windsor without wearing the belt, and The Daily Mail caught her on camera.

She was not on a public road, but even if she was, the chance of her getting a ticket was a zero.

Such driving is against the law, but a reigning monarch cannot be found guilty of it.

As British courts are established on her behalf, the Queen cannot be a defendant in one -- as it would mean she was prosecuting herself.

The Queen is also the only person in Britain who is permitted to drive without a licence and is not obliged to have registration plates on her vehicles.

For ordinary motorists, the fine for not wearing a seatbelt is 60 pounds. It was doubled from 30 pounds last year after the Home Office admitted the fine was not acting as enough of a deterrent.

Src & Text: [ibnlive]

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