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Women Love Beetles, Men Prefer Bugattis

Stylish yet affordable, Volkswagen's Beetle is the auto most likely to be purchased by women, according to a study of 13 million U.S. vehicle registrations over the past two years.

Men are most likely to go for a brawny, gas-chugging GM truck or even a powerful Bugatti with a $2 million pricetag, according to the findings of, the California-based auto pricing information company.

The nation's population is more than 50 percent female, yet women account for just 36 percent of new car registrations, the study found. Among all new car owners registering Beetles, more than 56 percent were women.

"It fits the description of what women want in a car," Jesse Toprak, Truecar's vice president of industry trends, told "It's cheap to maintain and own... It gets good gas mileage. It's practical to get around in big cities yet it's stylish to drive in hip metropolitan areas. It's kind of a home run from all those different perspectives."

What do men want – in a car?

"The old image of the macho man that likes the big trucks and exotic cars still holds true and the data proves that," Toprak said. "There were not many surprises from the male perspective."

The highest percentage of male registrations listed expensive, exotic brands such as Bugatti (100 percent), Ferrari (94.4 percent), and Lamborghini (93.5 percent), the study found.

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