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Solar Impulse plane powered by sunlight, night test flight is successful.

As one of my post reported that plane powered by sunlight is being tested for the night time and the BBC reports says that the mission, i mean the test flight was successful and had continuously flow through out the night, continuously for 26 hrs. 

The plane landed at Payerne airport after a total flight time of 26 hours.

During the flight it reached a height of 8,700 m (28,543 ft).

Assistants rushed to stabilise the experimental aircraft as it touched down, ensuring that its huge 63m (207ft) wingspan did not scrape the ground and topple the plane.

It is the longest and highest flight recorded by a solar-powered plane.

The four-engine aircraft was steered by Andre Borschberg, a former fighter jet pilot from Switzerland.

The plane has 12,000 solar cells arranged on its wingspan which collected enough energy to power the plane for the flight.

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