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Major Tech co. in bid to grab candian mobi gaint Nortel.

According to Reuters unnamed sources, many mobile related companies gonna show their interest in Nortel Mobile buyout.

Filed bankruptcy protection back in June 2009, has approx 4,000 patents worth over $1 billion. We may seen apple and google going aggressive on this bid. Blackberry's RIM, Motorola and other may also show their interest in Nortel's wide range of portfolio.

Nortel patents are in field of mobile phones, PCs, wireless infrastructure, networking, Web-based advertising, and voice technology.

Reuters' source says Apple, Motorola, and RIM are probably most interested in the IP-related to LTE (Long-Term Evolution), the 4G wireless technology many carriers are in the process of rolling out now.

The auction actually began seven months ago, but final bids are due soon.

Src: [CNET]

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