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A woman for Britain suffers from one of the World's rarest disease called ‘Electrosensitivity’.

So what is 'Electrosensitivity' ??? In this Case, it may be defined as the cause of various feelings and sensations of suffering headaches, chest pain, nausea and tingling in her arms and legs due to electromagnetic fields emitting from the electrical devices.

The above medical condition is suffered by a British woman, aged 55, now, hates to live in modern world.

Janice Tunnicliffe, a resident of Nottinghamshire, struck with the illness after she received chemotherapy for bowel cancer three years ago, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She suffers headaches, chest pain, nausea and tingling in her arms and legs whenever she is near electrical devices.

"iPhones make me feel really sick within about 20 minutes of being near one. Wifi makes me feel like I have a clamp at the back of my head, which is squeezing the life out of me. It's completely draining and a home hub can totally immobilise me - I'm left unable to move my arms and legs."

Tunnicliffe cannot use an electric kettle, and keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse.

Via: [Studying Health, DC]

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bettybindleflap said...

Yes i suffer from this too!! Blackberries and iphones cause me such pain,my daughter suffers too and wifi makes her physically sick when she's exposed to it for a long time.