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One Tree, 25 Unique Varities of Mangoes, Can you Believe it?

A retired deputy director from Agricultural department is has a secret natural machine in his backyard. Like to know whats that secret???? Ssshhhuuuuuu.........!!! It's a mango tree, capable of producing multi-varieties(look and tastes different).

The retired deputy, P.M. Augusthy claims from past few years, the tree is producing over 25 varieties of Mangoes from his lone mango tree.

His mango tree has borne Sindiiram, Mankoor, Appoos, Himasagar, Alphonso, Mallika, Kesar, Vanraj, Sindhu, Ratna, Malgoa, Neelum and many other varieties of mangoes.

The deputy said that he used an agricultural technique called Top Working and Rejuvenation Therapy for Senile Orchards to produce this wonder.

The method is used to rejuvenate unproductive tress suffering from natural senescence.

The rejuvenation involves pruning, heading back the branches and retaining three to four branches at a height of four metres from the ground.

The new shoots that emerge are thinned judiciously in order to ensure proper canopy development. The pruned trees are subjected to regular cultural and nutrient schedules.

“A yield increase of around 2.5 fold has been noticed when this technique has been employed,” explained Augusthy.

Src: [DC]

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