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GPS unit embedded in you cap may come handy when you are at new location.

Now you may not need any GPS device to know where you are, instead just all you need is a cap. Yeah cap or hat what ever....since, this is not an ordinary cap because the cap has an integrated GPS unit with voice-activated processor.

It works on voice commands and gives you the desired output based on your voice input. The chip and processor are integrated into the brim of the hat. This hat/cap can be plug into your computer at home and download information about a particular location and and, if by the by-chance the software doesn’t have the course you’re looking for then you can actually just walk around , and it will collect the data for you, which you can use at a later time, most suited for playing golf like stuff. Named as SkyKap Advisor, it cost $300 and is being sold right now.

Check out how it works @ Skykapllc

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